I'm currently working full-time as the Director of the Co-production Network for Wales. This means I'm not taking on any new consultancy clients as a freelancer, but please contact me on [email protected] if the Network can support your co-production aims and development.



Strategic co-production consultancy:
• Implementation of co-production in response to statutory and policy requirements
Design and delivery of engagement- and community-building projects
• Facilitation of service reviews and re-designs
• Concept and design of bespoke training and implementation sessions 

Training delivery:
• Co-production principles and methods in context, evidence and practical applications
• Nonviolent communication for conflict resolution and organisational culture change

Coaching and mentoring:
• One-to-one, for values-based leadership and mindset change
• In Action Learning sets, to support organisation learning and culture shift

The common thread?
A skilful engagement with practical innovation and its application in context, at multiple levels - leading to:

Organisational and social change...


• Implementation of co-production principles in statutory and third sector organisations
• Co-design of services in partnership between service users, staff, and other stakeholders
• Co-production training, workshops, implementation, mentoring, presentations, keynotes
• Transforming public services and moving towards a vision of equality and social justice

Team and group change...


• Design and delivery of bespoke workshops and training sessions
• Facilitation of Action Learning sets, Open Space Technology (Unconference) events
• Improved relationships and team interactions based on nonviolent communication principles
• Interactive, participative, experiential training and facilitation approach
• Organisational innovation and transformation, leading to mindset and culture change

Personal and professional change...


• ILM-trained personal and professional development coach
• Focus on growth processes through actions and feedback loops
• Enabling individual and team development to support wider system change
• Extensive practice of mindfulness and awareness-based tools
• Fostering conscious leadership to support organisational transformation

Experience and Credentials

Working with transformation since 2007 and applying it to public services since 2012.

Coach, trainer and facilitator with extensive experience of creating change on a one-to-one basis and in groups.

Co-founder of Co-production Wales, a voluntary collaborative of organisations and individuals supporting co-production principles, which led to the establishment of the funded Co-production Network for Wales. In 2013, organized an Open Letter to the First Minister asking for co-production principles to be placed at the heart of public services in Wales. This influenced devolved Welsh policy and legislation in the areas of health and social care, and sustainability.

Working across sectors:
• health and social care, housing, communities, education
• public services, statutory, third sector

Working across platforms:
• mentoring/coaching and consultancy
• training and facilitation
• keynotes, panels, conferences, interviews

Projects and clients include:
Age Cymru • Aneurin Bevan Health Board Continuous Improvement • Cardiff County Council • training for C3SC (Cardiff Third Sector Council) • training delivery and workshops coordination for Social Care Wales (was Care Council Wales) • training for Cartrefi Cymru • "visioning the future" workshop for CHC (Community Housing Cymru) • Communities First • Cooperatives and Mutuals Wales • digital communications strategy for Credu Connecting Carers • nonviolent communication training for Dimensions Cymru • Disability Wales • Diverse Cymru • organising an unconference for GovCamp Cymru • training for Gwynedd Council • NHS Wales • service co-design for NPT Homes • service co-design for Pembrokeshire Housing Association • People First • Public Health Wales / 1000 Lives Plus • Wales Co-operative Centre • engagement and consultation programmes for Welsh Government

• On "The Next Thirty", the IWA's list of people working to make Wales better over the next 30 years (2017). [LINK]
• Finalist in the 2018 Leading Wales Awards (Women in Leadership category). [LINK]



Based in Cardiff, Wales.
Working across Wales, England and Scotland.

Half Singapore-Chinese and half French. Grew up in France, but have been in the UK for 17 years now. Waiting for the point when I’ll have been here as long as I have spent in France!
Science background originally. Worked in a wide range of organisations, from small- and medium- sized companies to corporate multinationals, and in the private and not-for-profit/social enterprise sectors. Self-employed since 2005.
Actively involved in personal development since 2003; practice of mindfulness and non-violent communication. Particularly interested in embodied practices and somatic learning: how being in our bodies and in movement helps us change on a mental, emotional and/or spiritual level.
Able to hold the wider picture while bringing attention to detail, with a head for systems and processes.

Outside of work, interested in other projects:
• A member of the Welsh Agenda (Institute of Welsh Affairs publication) editorial team.
• A volunteer organiser of One Team Gov in Wales, bringing together digital and policy professionals with citizens to create better policies and public services.
• A board member for The Republic Of The Imagination, a charity working in context-oriented arts, Theatre of the Oppressed, and participatory democracy through performance.

Values: sharing, appreciation, compassion, generosity, openness, connection, resilience, service, trust, authenticity

Contact Me

Please note I'm not currently taking on any new consultancy clients as I'm working full-time for the Co-production Network for Wales.  You can find me there on [email protected] - for anything else, call me on 07877 038 084, email me: [email protected], or drop me a message below.